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Magdalene Chow Meister
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Spotted Magdalene Chow wearing Meister Watches

Spotted Magdalene Chow, Singapore based blogger of website , wearing Meister Watches Chief CH110RB! As seen on her instagram. Shop this style online. www.cultave.comMagdalene Chow Meister Modgam ac6_7 ch110rb_frontangle

HisStyleDiary-Eddie Borgo_1
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His Style Diary X Eddie Borgo

His Style Diary featured Eddie Borgo’s Mens Collection! available in Singapore online.

Special Thanks to William Tan! HisStyleDiary-Eddie Borgo_1 HisStyleDiary-Eddie Borgo_2 HisStyleDiary-Eddie Borgo_3

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Video Footage from the Alexander Wang Free-for-All

Remember that secret Alexander Wang event that turned out to be just piles of free T by Alexander Wang clothes? Well, Wang and co. captured the whole thing on video and…

Holy. Hell.

It’s pretty terrifying. We had an inkling of what it was like, thanks to our reporter’s first hand account of the events, but we never could have envisioned this. People actually fought–as in they slapped and punched each other–for the goods.

“I love reaching out directly to our audience; to have a dialog that provokes and at the same time has a sense of wit and irony,” Wang said in a statement. “Nothing is formulaic with T. This project was viral and street at the same time, which allowed us not only to communicate with our audience through different avenues, but to activate them. I liked the idea of creating a destination that’s unknown, mysterious, and fun, where people can connect.”

The video was directed by Darren Stein, who directed the cult hit Jawbreaker. Apparently the final scene, where enraged prom-goers throw things at Rose McGowan and her tiara slips, is a favorite of Wang’s, and it served as the inspiration for the video. Wang has been experimenting with video lately to great effect. We thought it was genius when he brought back MADtv‘s Bon Qui Qui. This is better.

Author: Tyler McCall

Eddie Borgo Fann Wong_1
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Fann Wong X Eddie Borgo

Spotted Singapore Actress Fann Wong wearing Eddie Borgo Gunmetal Pavé Chain Necklace at a Charles & Keith Grand Opening in Singapore! Shop more of Eddie Borgo online (Singapore Based)

fann wong eddie borgoEddie Borgo Fann Wong_1 Eddie Borgo Fann Wong_2 Eddie Borgo Fann Wong_3 Eddie Borgo Fann Wong_4

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Fashion Inflation: Why Are Prices Rising So Fast?

Author: Lauren Sherman
From shoes to handbags to ready-to-wear, the price of designer fashion has increased precipitously over the last decade. What’s driving the rising prices? And how high can they go?

NEW YORK, United States — It’s easy to find a nice-looking pair of shoes for $40 these days, and even easier to find a trendy $40 dress. But while “fast fashion” prices are so light on the wallet they almost feel as though they’re going to disappear altogether, the cost of luxury goods continues to rise and rise, with no end in sight.

Currently on luxury e-tailer Net-a-Porter, there are more than 100 pairs of shoes priced over $1,000. (Two pairs of sparkly Christian Louboutins exceed $6,000.) And the price of Chanel’s famous 2.55 bag now rivals that of an Hermès Kelly. That is, an Hermès Kelly a decade ago. In the US market, the famous bag, which in the year 2000 started at $4,800, now starts at $7,600.

A nearly 60 percent price increase may seem excessive — especially when compared to the US Consumer Price Index (a measure of the price level of consumer goods, published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics), which has increased by 27 percent over the past decade — but it’s typical in the luxury fashion category.

Indeed, in recent years, prices of luxury fashion products have grown at more than twice the rate of general inflation. In 2003, Carrie Bradshaw’s famous Manolo Blahniks cost $485. Exactly ten years later, the same style is $755, a 56 percent increase. (And several pairs of current season Manolos cost well above $1,000.) Ready-to-wear-dresses in the $10,000 and up range barely existed 10 years ago. Now they’re commonplace. In fact, popular luxury fashion e-commerce site Luisa Via Roma is currently selling a Fausto Puglisi embroidered tartan skirt for over $10,000 and a leather-and-bouclé Fendi dress for more than $13,000.

So what’s driving up the prices and how far can they go?

First, let’s consider the rough costs of producing a luxury product. Gross margins for luxury companies typically hover around 65 percent — that sounds like a lot, but it’s what shareholders now expect. It also means that a $3,500 bag costs roughly $1,225 to produce and bring to market, all the way from materials to sale. There are many steps along the way that contribute to the final price. There are the costs of raw materials, design, manufacturing and fulfillment. Then, at retail, there’s the cost of prime real estate and sales staff. And finally, there’s marketing: those glossy fashion adverts cost a pretty penny to produce, let alone to place. Over the past 10 years — and particularly since the end of the recession — many of these costs have increased dramatically.

Raw materials are more expensive and more scarce than ever before. Cattle prices (which are relevant to leather goods) will rise in the US by 7.3 percent in 2013, according to market research firm Allendale. And in the years since the global financial crisis, cotton prices have risen to previously unheard of levels, with demand from China pushing them even further in 2013 — to $93.08 in June 2013, a 13 percent increase year-on-year. Both Louis Vuitton and Hermès have recently invested in Australian crocodile farms to ensure their supply of the expensive skin, while Kering, in March, acquired Normandy-based crocodile tannery France Croco for the same reasons.

Rising labour costs are a factor, too. The wages of private-sector workers in China (where many brands manufacture) increased by 14 percent in 2012, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics. Over the past 10 years, monthly average wages almost doubled in Asia, with an 18 percent increase in Africa, and 15 percent in Latin America and the Caribbean (also important manufacturing centres) according to a report released by the UN’s International Labour Organisation. And it’s not just emerging markets. In France, labour costs will, this year, reach their highest levels ever, according to the OECD.

Perception and desirability play a huge role in the pricing game, too. The more expensive something is, the more exclusive and, therefore, desirable it becomes. Burberry, for instance, said as recently as March that it would raise prices to increase its appeal to the upper end of its customer base and attract new, wealthier customers.

For some brands, the anticipation of markdowns is another factor. “Brands’ biggest fear is having to mark things down,” says New York retail consultant Robert Burke. Though a few luxury brands, like Hermès and Louis Vuitton, do not discount, it’s typical for most fashion retailers to mark down at least a portion of their product in order to efficiently clear inventory. One need look no further than the department stores and monobrand boutiques currently offering discounts of more than 70 percent on Spring product to see that customers can, with the requisite strategy and patience, easily buy a pair of $1,400 stilettos for a much more palatable $300. “People who are on the really cutting edge of fashion might buy pre-season [at full price] but many folks wait for the discounts,” says journalist Ellen Ruppel Shell, author of Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture.

“Designer brands repeatedly going on sale may eventually be forced to artificially inflate prices to counter the margin pressure,” notes Matthew Walker, Creatures of the Wind chief executive, who served as president of The Row from 2008 to 2011. Though this could “lead to price resistance and eventually impact brand loyalty,” he cautions.

But perhaps the most powerful driver of fast-rising luxury fashion prices is the fact that there are simply more people who are able to pay up. The number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in the world increased by 9.2 percent in 2012 to 12 million people, with combined total assets of $46.2 trillion, according to a report by Capgemini, a management consultancy. North America still hosts the largest number of HNWIs (3.73 million people, up 11.5 percent year-over-year, with $12.7 trillion in assets, up 11.7 percent year-over-year), but the number of HNWIs in the Asia-Pacific region increased by 9.4 percent, during the same period, to 3.68 million, with total assets up 12.2 percent to $12 trillion.

Yes, the rich are getting richer. But is there a limit to what a sane person — billionaire or not — is willing to pay for a pair of shoes? “The question is, how high is high?” Burke asks. “These are people who have their jets outfitted in Hermès leather and Loro Piana vicuna. If demand is there, brands will continue to move up.”

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La Maison de la Truffe – Paris, France

Maison de la Truffe, located at the base of the columns of the Madeleine Church, is the original showcase for truffles in Paris. The only place I can think of to savour the truffle in all its forms, cut, chiselled and arranged to order for the pleasure of your five senses.


the exciting part of the dishes is that you get to choose the type of truffles according to your preference! 1. Season Truffle, 2. Black Melanosporum or  3. without truffle
it really depends on how much you willing to spend! lol
even the olive oil is filled with truffle shavings!


Sauternes Bordeaux Blanc Vin
Amuse Bouche
Scallops with truffle oil and truffle shavings

Rocamadour Cheese Platter

Tagliatelles with Truffles, Foie Gras and Truffled Cream
Risotto with Scampi and Truffles


I was very excited with the idea of anything you desire with Truffles are available in the restaurant! Little did I know, I was overdosed by Truffles by the time I reach main course! When the waiter asked if I want any desserts! I had completely lost my appetite for truffled practically anything!
If you love truffle! this is place you must eat at! I love truffle a lot! but it can get overwhelming! haha
Its expensive dinning here but worthwhile to have a dosage of a year’s truffle allowance!
FYI. they make truffle macarons too!
Pictures by: Mak Sin Wee


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Shourouk New Arrival

Here is a preview of the collection! Shop Shourouk Spring Summer 13 online now! the bracelets are selling out fast as well as the handsewn necklaces!
CAMPAGNE-1-SS-201311 CAMPAGNE-2-SS-201311 CAMPAGNE-3-SS-201311 CAMPAGNE-4-SS-20131 CAMPAGNE-5-SS-201311

Photo credits:

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Sheila Sim X Foreword Labels

Spotted Sheila Sim on a magazine spread! wearing Foreword Labels Soujourn Necklace! Shop online now!


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Restaurant Het Pomphuis – Antwerp Belgium

Het Pomphuis, literally means The Pumphouse.
Located on the harbour of Antwerp, Belgium this abandoned pumphouse was refurbished into modern cuisine restaurant. Having your dinner here is rather unique because of the high ceilings and vast space to entertain. The set menu is only under 50 euros.
The old structure of the pumphouse!
Interior of the restaurant.
The sunlights piercing through the facade full length windows.
Salmon mousse (Amuse Bouche) with Champagne to start!
Duroc De Batalle Batonnets with cauliflower, mushrooms, grilled zucchini, mixed pickles and parsnip chips
Seabass Tartar with Pata Negra and Lime, Tomato Compote, Fennel Crispy Potatoes and Yoghurt Dressing
Sollomillo with oyster mushrooms, white cabbage, young carrots, onion structures, baked potatoes and veal gravy
Young Turbot with Lobster and Leek broth, celery, green asparagus lobster and spinach ravioli and lobster flavoured foam
“Madagascar” chocolate cake, orange custard and meringue, Mandarin Napoleon gel, Vanilla Waffle and Ferrero Roche Ice Cream

The set menu is a fair with modern plating. The highlight would be the pork ribs cube! (Duroc De Batalle Batonnets)


Pictures by Mak Sin Wee

Arissa Cheo
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Arissa Cheo x Eddie Borgo

Spotted Singapore Socialite Arissa Cheo wearing Eddie Borgo Alternate Pave Cone Bracelet!

arissa cheo_7 Arissa Cheo

Available on
Here is the direct link.

Pictures from: