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Are Luxury Fashion Jewellery dying?

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Are Luxury Fashion Jewellery dying?


Fashion Jewellery had commanded prices of a real gold jewellery pieces and they are only made of brass plated or sets with cubic zirconia crystals. Its the designer that create such unique pieces that can fetch such high price tags. Many successful designers had been featured across worthy fashion magazines which made them a household label in their own rights. With Celebrities sightings adorned their namesake jewellery, it creates a trend setting path for those must have.

We are shedding a different light on the retailers that carries the famous cult brands and that were suppose to profit from the trending it jewellery to wear. Unfortunately, thats not the case, over our 4 years of business. We witnessed multiple online and offline retailers (competitors) shut their doors or even switch gear with the range of products they carry to more affordable range.

The slowdown of the economy meant that people in Asian countries are spending wisely between necessity and frivolous material things. closed its online store (USA based) after 8 solid plus years of retailing. closed its online store (Jakarta based) after nearly 2 years of retailing online. closed its online store (Singapore based) after nearly 5 years of retailing. (Jakarta Based) Up to 30% off. (Jakarta Based) Up to 28% off. (Singapore Based) Everything is ON SALE! Up to 75% off, (Singapore Based) Everything is ON SALE! Up to 75% off.

It is not easy to run a retail shop with such high rentals in Singapore market.

We shifted our focus to lower our cost by manufacturing our own creation or in-house label, we achieve high quality plating and setting of our jewelries. That way, we can still keep up with what the customers’ are willing to spend. The luxury fashion jewelry consumption had slow down dramatically in year 2017.  Seems like everyone is looking for a good bargain.

2018 looks promising, may possibly overturn 2017 mellow spending power of the customers.