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Philippe Roucou

Phlippe Roucou

Philippe Roucou left his native south of France in 1985 to study at ESMOD fashion school and dance at le Palace in true 80s’ Parisian style. He began working for hat and handbag designer Gabrielle Cadet in 1988 and it was there that he discovered interesting volumes that led to his passion for accessories. When he joined the Etienne Brunel studio in 1989 he met the dynamic young Japanese designer Miki Mialy and she invited him to design the accessories for her first collection. In 1992 Philippe Roucou launched his own line of handbags. For ten years Philippe fulfilled women’s handbag dreams across Japan, the USA and the UK. In 2002 he finally gave Parisian fashion lovers what they’d been waiting for… a Philippe Roucou boutique in the heart of the trendy Bastille area.

There have been two recent additions to the collection. First, in summer 2007, we saw the introduction of Philippe Roucou de Nuit, a collection of sizzlingly sexy clutches and evening bags. With typical panache and an innate understanding of the air du temps, this ultra chic collection has proved a roaring success with the hot new clubbing scene in Paris and fashion journalists alike. With its gold chain strap and bracelet that attaches to the wrist, the divinely original Baal Beck clutch has had a particularly captivating effect. Then realising he himself deserved some decent bags, Philippe has launched Philippe Roucou et les Messieurs, a capsule collection for men. Based around six models that are usually found in a gym locker room, he has given them a luxurious make-over in leathers with plenty of trimmings.