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ShouroukShourouk established her eponym company in 2007. As a true Parisian of Tunisian descent, Shourouk graduated at Studio Bercot before honing her techniques within prestigious fashion house such as Chloe, Galiano or Robert Cavalli.

Swarovski crystals are the main composant of Shourouk’s designs, she combines them with PVC or climbing rope to create playful contemporary pieces. She shakes up the code of Classical Joaillerie by introducing enameled neon stoned into her intricate embroideries. With her own techniques of coloration, she is designing every season a unique color palette. As a fashion traveller, her capacity to mash-up contrasting inspirations like the Bollywood movies, with the 80’s or the Russian aristocraty makes her one of the most exciting designer of Hig fashion Jewellery. Shourouk is often approached to work on collaborations. Designers like Jean Paul Gaultier or Hiroko Koshino, or brands such as Shanghai-Tang and Swarovski put their trust in her hands.