MSW Global Group


MSW GLOBAL GROUP is a multi-faceted organization that started off as a simple sales organization and has slowly developed itself into a full service back-office catering to both wholesale and retail front especially for brands that wants to understand South East Asia preference/market.



  • Our primary focus is SALES. We started solely as a sales agency and it’s this service that will continue to be the driving force behind what we do. Everything else we do is tied into producing the most effective sales for all brands we are involved with. We do a lot more then just hold up hangars in front of potential clients; we effectively build strong long term strategies engineered at growing brands in the most methodical manner possible. Be it onlne and offline.
  • We also act as a distributor for several brands. Our edge here is that we are able to offer the services any other distributor might be able to offer but in addition we have the sales element built into the equation. Key services involved with distribution are warehouse & shipping services, order processing and credit processing.


  • Our management team take on consulting work on any topic in the business where we consider ourselves well versed in. Sometimes these projects are quick and administered in a one time round table group meeting; others are lengthy projects with regular meetings for a depicted amount of time. The topics we consult in vary but mostly have to do with “brand building”. Currently our business deals with sales for small to medium sized companies, however our past experiences has had us involved with larger companies, retail management and buying, importing, distributing and manufacturing.


  • We in no way categorize ourselves as designers, however we do feel that a well merchandised and planned collection is crucial to successful sales. Therefore we tend to get very involved with merchandising with all the brands we are involved with. We know the Asian’s market preferences.


  • A lengthier form of consulting we offer is a form of brand management. Working with brands for an extended period of time on a part time basis but making ourselves constantly available to help in a management capacity as a company is building their resources.
  • We assist existing retailers and new stores with their buying needs. Working with them on brand assortment, retail math, budgeting, inventory management and buying has become a strong suit for us. We see a lot of things and travel the world regularly, therefore our eyes sometimes lend fresh and exciting perspectives for smaller boutiques. Attending and showing at trade fairs around the globe introducing new brands.
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