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PhilippeRoucou Handbags showcase in Singapore

Philippe Roucou epitomizes the very essence of Parisan Chic: sleek and stylish, exuding that easy glamour and sophistication that is specific to the French. Roucou’s bags are statement without having to make a fuss. He began his carreer back in the ’80s when he moved to Paris from the south of France to study fashion at ESMOD and dance at legendary Le Palace. He made his way through the studios of Gabrielle Cadet, Etienne Brunel, and Miki Mialy before launching his own line of handbags in 1992.

From the very beginning Roucou focused on refining and perfecting his designs, using whatever materials were available, including wood, paper and cork. Subsequent to the success and critical acclaim garnered by his early work, he now presents a collection using only the finest of calfskin, butteriest lambskin, mongolian goat, python and reindeer. Philippe Roucou bags can be bought throughout the world, including at his own shop in Paris’ trendy Bastille district.

Philippe Roucou bags were introduced at

Hide & Seek, 71 Bussorah Street SIngapore 199484.

Subsequently introduced to Reebonz customer.

Philippe Roucou handbags were well received.